Artist Statement:

Art is the lover I waited my whole life to find. The thing that opens my heart and sets free the darkness and the light without judgment or fear. Every painting tells my story, from roots in the deep south, to a painful childhood marred by violence, to a life of exploration, both positive and destructive. As a creative person I initially channeled that creativity into business opportunities in the corporate world but finding little lasting satisfaction I changed course. I then put my energy into a clothing and accessory line utilizing a combination of recycled and vintage materials as well as co-founding an organic oatmeal company to nourish the body and soul.  But in 2017, when I picked up a brush for the first time and put paint to canvas, I realized that painting, for me, is personal. Everything that I am – all the pain, joy, passion, fear, and collective history of who I am, where I come from and where I am going – is forever connected to that elegant act of pushing and pulling paint across canvas. I have found a home in contemporary abstract and mixed media. It allows for a freedom of expression that is comforting to someone who has rarely “colored within the lines.” My paintings are my story expressed in a way that leaves them open to interpretation. Like the lover I longed for, the embrace is often fleeting but the emotion sears the soul.

Artist Bio:

California based abstract artist Cindy Muscarello creates her compelling canvases working with a combination of acrylic, oil, resin and mixed media. Born and raised in the deep south, Cindy eventually migrated west, looking for sunshine and independence. She found both and began her creative journey through several careers before beginning her love affair with painting.

As a self-taught painter, Cindy draws on her experience as a designer, stylist and entrepreneur to blend texture, color and symbolism and create emotional imagery often steeped in humor and deceptive whimsy. “Humor is often the flipside of pain,” she explains.    As an abstract painter, Cindy is constantly exploring and experimenting with new techniques – all ways to express emotion and her personal narrative.  She has exhibited in Salinas, Laguna Beach & Carmel Valley and in March will be part of a group show in NYC. You can follow her journey on facebook, instagram, twitter, and LinkedIn and  Cindy continues to work, love, and live on California’s beautiful Central Coast.

Facebook: @cindymuscarelloart

Enjoy and Buckle Up!  It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Daily Amusement: My bedhead

“Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative” Oscar Wilde